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Once upon a time, Steve boldly explored the education necessary for his second career, Digital Design Technology.

On his Voyage into the mysterious World Wide Web he found there were Squares and Cookie Cutter Monsters everywhere.  There were templates full of boxes, and grids, and plug-ins, Oh my!  

The themes were so limiting, and the resulting websites were so slow to load. The bounce rates were high. Steve was afraid that no one would wait for these slow loading pages. No one would see the information his clients were providing. How could he create pages that people would see?

If 75% of all websites load in 10 seconds or more, then 25% load in less than 10 seconds. Who developed these sites and how did they do it?

Steve found the heroes and heroines who developed technically correct and artistically unique sites and learned what they did that was different.… And then Steve was on a mission to join the heroes and heroines in building fast, unique sites.

Steve talked to many business owners about developing a website for them, only to find that many actually preferred the Square sites that loaded slow.  They could “develop” these sites themselves, or pay someone peanuts to do the work for them. Steve despaired that his Vision of a Wonderful World Wide Web was doomed.

One day a client contacted him to develop a website. Then another.  Steve had renewed hope that the World Wide Web could be a Majestic Place.

Steve now offers unique, artistic, fast and technically correct websites to anyone who wants one.


Joni .Newcomer: “Steve worked closely with me on doing the artwork of my portrait for my website. He got the colors right, made the changes I requested (without complaining!), and did the work very quickly. I was provided with exactly what I need. I'll definitely have SBH do more designs for the Health Alternatives website.”

Lee Ann Meadows: “Steve came to my house and helped me understand my options for web design and rebuilding my galleries. He also explained website optimization in a way that I could understand. It was very helpful.”

Patricia Gray: "He has been very patient and considerate. Steve promptly takes care of any problem or editing requests. It has been a pleasure to work with him."

Janey Campbell: "Steve gave me a great deal for my websites. He was very professional."

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